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Dyna-Blue is an insurance policy where the cost of adding the process is up to 5% of the total die's costs yet:

Product first time capability up by 6%
Die life can be increased by up to 1000%
Downtime can be decreased by 30%

Compare the costs:

Typical die = $40,000 x 4 rebuilds = $160,000

Cost of Tool ($):  
Weight of Tool (Pounds):  
Cost of Coating / Surface Treatment ($):  
Cost to repair wear, galling or heat check ($):  
Total Cost per Tool ($):  
Tool Life (# of pieces produced per tool):  

Dyna Blue will give you 3 to 10 times increase in life. For calculation purposes we used the low end of 3 times.

Cost per piece ($):  
Required pieces per year (Qty):  
Required tools per year (Qty):  
Total Cost per year ($):  
Total Savings per year ($):