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“A revolutionary new surface treatment to dramatically improve the performance and tool life of Die Cast Tooling, Injection Molds, Hot Form Tools and Stamping Dies up to 10 times longer than Nitriding, Chrome or other Coatings.DYNA-BLUE PLUS begins with a deeper DYNA-BLUE process and a surface enhancement to increase the surface finish for better material flow and release properties while increasing resistance to fatigue and wear. This type of treatment increases the surface hardness and reduces the surface defects that result in fatigue or cracking. Tensile stresses that typically result in cracking can be converted to residual compressive stresses that will help prevent cracking. (Click here for Mercury Marine Testimonial)


  • DYNA-BLUE PLUS™= DYNA-BLUE® plus a surface enhancement (improved surface finish).
  • Resists Wear, Heat Checking, Soldering & Erosion up to 10 times longer than Ion/Gas Nitriding (Click here for Die Cast customer comments)
  • Penetrates Holes, pockets, deep ribs, not line of sight like Ion-Nitride
  • Better Release properties and material flow
  • Imparts high levels of Residual Compressive stress to increase fatigue resistance (Click here for X-Ray diffraction test)
  • Gives new life to used tools
  • Better Weldability than Ion or Gas Nitride (Click here for testimonial)
  • Low Temperature Process-dimensionally stable
  • Diffused into the steel- will not flake or peel off like coatings do.
  • Capacity 77” x 120” or 30,000 lbs.

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