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For Hot Forming and Forging operations, increasing Tool Life and producing quality parts at a lower cost is the “Ultimate Goal”. Achieving that goal is dependent upon controlling the metallurgical properties of the Forge/Hot Form Tooling to prevent wear, softening, thermal fatigue and heat checking. DYNA-BLUE provides those properties cost effectively!!!


  • 2-10 times increase in tool life due to 75+ HRC compound layer compared to 60-65HRC diffusion zone for Ion Nitride. (Click here for Microstructure of DYNA-BLUE vs Nitride)
  • Compound zone resists heat checking, thermal fatigue, thermal softening (temper resistant) and wear.
  • Increased resistance to cracking due to increased residual compressive stress, which is the opposite of a tensile stress that initiates cracking. (Click here to see X-ray diffraction test)
  • Reduces coefficient of friction=better material flow.
  • DYNA-BLUE penetrates holes, bores while Ion Nitride does not as Ion Nitride is “line of sight”.
  • Maintains excellent micro-finish, no post polishing needed as other nitriding processes do.
  • Increases lubricity= better release
  • Oxide layer that retains lubricants, enhances corrosion resistance and promotes material free flow.
  • More uniform heating, less risk of  distortion
  • Enhanced die repair and weldability (Click here for testimonial about welding)
  • Capacity 75” x 120” or 30,000 lbs.
  • Overnight service available

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