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Oil & Gas Exploration technology and specifically fracking has advanced dramatically over the last few years and due to the extreme conditions of wear and fatigue, the Fluid Ends have exhibited very low pump life. DYNA-BLUE® has dramatically increased pump life by increasing wear, fatigue and corrosion resistance.


  • Resists wear (75+ HRC surface) 2-10 times longer than QPQ, gas/ion-nitriding/chrome plating. (Click here for Microstructure of DYNA-BLUE vs Nitride)
  • Penetrates holes, bores, pockets uniformly which Nitride Furnaces cannot as they are “line of sight”.
  • Corrosion resistance-2-3 times better corrosion resistance compared to Stainless Steel-resists attack from hydrochloric acid, salt water, corrosive environments. (Click here for Salt Fog Test)
  • Increased Fatigue Resistance.
  • Increased Compressive Residual Stress to resist cracking. Much higher levels than Shot Peening. (Click here for X-Ray Diffraction Test)
  • Increased lubricity-reduces coefficient of friction.
  • Reduces erosion from abrasive environments such as sand.
  • No flaking since the process is a diffusion process and not a coating.
  • Capacity 77”x110” – up to 30,000 lbs.
  • Low dimensional variation, less than .0002” growth.
  • Overnight service available
  • Non-Toxic & Non-Hazardous

Case Study
A drilling operation was getting 300-600 pump hours on their nitrided Fluid Ends in a high pressure Fracking operation. Fluid Ends were experiencing fatigue cracks and extreme wear (washout) from the sand and hydrochloric acid used. New Fluid Ends were treated with DYNA-BLUE and pump life was increased to 1200-1600 hours.

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