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Dynamic Metal Treating opened in 1984 with 1 employee and has grown to 26 employees operating out of their 15,000 sq. ft. facility in Canton, Michigan. We have saved hundreds of companies millions of dollars.

  • Nitriding
  • 10 Bar Vacuum Hardening
  • Clean Stress Relieving & Tempering
  • Polishing
  • Straightening
  • Metallurgical Lab
  • Gloss Level Test (Plastic Injection Molds)
  • Surface Finish (Ra)

Loren’s Biography:

  • Opened Dynamic Metal Treating in 1984 as sole employee in a 3,500 sq. ft building and has grown to 20+ employees in a 15,000 sq. ft. building.
  • 42 years heat treating experience: 10 Years in a Salt Bath High Speed Steel Heat Treat, 32 years in a 10 Bar Vacuum, Fluidized Bed Heat Treat.
  • Research & Development on Heat Treatments for Crucible CPM and Uddeholm ASP particle metal steels in 1974 thru 1984
  • 40 years experience as a Tool Steel & High Speed Steel Metallurgist
  • Developed the DYNA-BLUE® Ferritic Nitrocarburizing process in 1984.
  • Holds 2 patents for the DYNA-BLUE® process.
  • Developed the DYNA-MAX combination PVD Coating plus DYNA-BLUE® process in 1992.
  • 1st Heat Treat to pass the GM DC9999 first time around.

Author of Various Technical Papers: “Achieving the Optimum Mechanical Properties of High Speed Steel Broaches”, “New Surface Treatments for Cutting Tools via Fluidized Bed Furnaces”, Ferritic Nitrocarburizing Gears to Increase Wear Resistance and Reduce Distortion”, Ferritic Nitrocarburizing Gun Barrels for Wear Resistance, Increased Velocity, and Reduced Fouling”,” Ferritic Nitrocarburizing Die Cast Tooling for Wear Resistance and Better Quality Castings.

  • Member of the North American Die Cast Association, American Society for Metals, Metal Treating Institute, Society of Manufacturing Engineers.
  • Board of Directors of Promise Village
  • Board of Directors of Life Christian Church
  • Vice President of Willie Horton Incorporated Technologies
  • Married to Lori Epler. 2 Children: Loren Justin & Ashley Marie Epler.
  • Mission trips to: South Africa - 8 times, Mexico, West Africa, Israel
  • Hosted President Bush at Dynamic Surface Technologies in November 2003 (Click here for testimonial)

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