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NITROWEAR® is a proprietary and patented combination process where increased corrosion resistance above and beyond the what DYNA-BLUE® provides is needed. The process incorporates a proprietary oil spray or dip after the part has been processed with DYNA-BLUE® for corrosion resistance of approx. 96-120 hours salt spray resistance per ASTM B-117, which is better than 409 Stainless Steel. NITROWEAR™ provides the same benefits as DYNA-BLUE® with additional corrosion resistance.


  • High wear resistance- surface hardness, typically greater than Rockwell “C” 75. (Click here for microhardness graph)
  • High corrosion resistance: 168+ Salt Spray hours when combined with our NITROWEAR Dip/Spray (Click here for test results)
  • High levels of Residual Compressive Stress to resist heat checking, fatigue and cracking.
  • Lower co-efficient of friction, as low as .03. (Click here for test results)
  • Low dimensional variation: .0001"-.0002 growth per side.
  • Anti-galling & anti-sticking properties.
  • Maintains excellent micro finish.
  • Not limited by component geometry or line of sight.
  • 100% environmentally friendly.
  • Better weldability than traditional nitriding or ion nitriding. (Click here for testimonial)
  • Capacity 42"x 134" and 75"x 120", up to 30,000 lbs.
  • Hard surface hardness maintains ductility, durability testing has shown that DYNA-BLUE® can bend up to 90° without cracking.
  • Overnight service is available

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