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  • 30,000 pound capacity
  • Mold sizes up to 75” corner to corner x 120” long.
  • DYNA-BLUE® Ferritic Nitrocarburizing
  • DYNA-BRITE™ for high gloss levels or Class”A” finishes. A proprietary DYNA-BLUE® process to minimize/eliminate polishing after DYNA-BLUE on highly polished molds/dies.
  • Excellent temperature uniformity and heat transfer.
  • Virtually no distortion.
  • Fluidized Bed ensures uniform case on O.D as well as I.D., water jackets, bores, small holes, deep cavities.
  • Large Molds/Dies of 10,000lbs.-30,000 lbs. are 2-3 days turnaround

Accept no substitutes-others claim they do DYNA-BLUE®, but there is only one place to get the real DYNA-BLUE® process-Dynamic Surface Treating International.

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