• Die Cast Dies
  • Plastic Injection Molds
  • Cutting Tools
  • Machine bases
  • Stamping Dies
  • Powertrain Components - Camshafts, Crankshafts, and Gears
  • Hydraulic and fluid power components
  • Hot Form Dies
  • Mining industry
  • Food and Agricultural Industry
  • Hydro-form Tooling

Get Maximum Tool Life with DYNA-BLUE® and DYNA-MAX®  increase tool life up to 10 times longer than gas or ion nitriding with Dyna-Blue.

Maximizing tool life is, the most important factor in reducing cost and staying competitive. Tool life is dependant on the design as well as the mechanical properties that are developed by utilizing the proper heat treatment and is further enhanced by choosing the most cost effective coating or surface treatment. The DYNA-BLUE® process is one of the most cost effective surface treatments available today. The DYNA-BLUE® process is a low temperature surface treatment that can be used on all Carbon, Alloy or Tool Steels by itself or in combination with DYNA-MAX to increase tool life and protect your investment.

With years of metallurgical, engineering and manufacturing experience, we at Dynamic Surface Technologies (formerly Dynamic Metal Treating, Inc.) take a systematic approach, by analyzing all of the tool’s history, function, and ...[know more]